The Lakes

The Lakes, an all Buchan style planned community, was such a hit in Mercer Island’s South End that it has become the defining landmark for this area of the island.  Built in the 1980s, the Lakes development pulls its name from the man-made lakes which dot the landscape throughout the neighborhood. The house style is very uniform throughout The Lakes; the homes are either a rambler or two-story traditional.

Close to The Lakes are the South Mercer Playfiends, Lakeridge Elementary School and Islander Middle School. The neighborhood is in close proximity to the Mercer Island Beach Club.  Social activities are prevalent in this area.  Halloween trick-or-treating is a huge annual activity that draws children from all over the island. Treats handed out by The Lakes residents are reputed to be quite spectacular!

The homeowner association is very active in The Lakes.  Neighbors get to know one another due to all the social activities and how close the homes are to each other. A few of the homes are owned by large corporations with operations in the PNW; executives who are temporarily relocated to the Seattle can then stay in the company home while stationed in the area.


By Lisa Lewis. Copyright 2012 WRE/Mercer Island.