North Mercer

North Mercer is a waterfront neighborhood people like to call home for a long time.  Some families who reside in North Mercer are going on their 5th generation as islanders! The street end beach access extremely attractive to people who love the water.

This neighborhood is located north of I-90 and is one of the neighborhoods containing the “Lid.” What is the “Lid,” you ask? It’s the covered area of I-90 which is a part of the island.  There’s a park built on top of the Lid covering the freeway. Bicyclists can access the I-90 bike trail from North Mercer.  Luther Burbank Park is located in this neighborhood, as well as the popular Community at Mercer View and the island’s only Park & Ride.


By Lisa Lewis. Copyright 2012 WRE/Mercer Island.