Mercer Island Estates

The Mercer Island Estates neighborhood is close to two island schools – Lakeridge Elementary and Islander Middle School. The mainly level streets of this area adds to its popularity as a place to ride bikes, especially to school.   Mercer Island Estates is a planned community dating back to the 1960s. It features many split level homes which were popular when the community was created.

Pioneer Park borders the northern side of the neighborhood.  The 113 acre forest park is divided into 3 quadrants: Northwest, Northeast and Southeast. Roads divide the park into the three quadrants in a distinctive way. Pioneer Park has been kept in its natural state so  Islanders can easily spend time in the forest. Residents can commune with nature on a daily basis by taking advantage of its 6.6 miles worth of trails. There are also equestrian trails throughout the park, in the Northwest and Southeast Quadrants.  The Mercer Island Saddle Club is just east of the Southeast Quadrant.

Mercer Island Estates is home to the South End QFC Village Shopping Center, where the immensely popular south end Starbucks is located. The Starbucks is often used as a gathering place for groups like the Tuesday Knitters Group. There is also the South End Fire Station near Pioneer Park.

The Mercer Island Country Club, a tennis and swimming facility, is located in Mercer Island Estates. It is a private club home to 7 indoor and 8 outdoor tennis courts, an 8 lane 25-yard pool, fully equipped fitness facility, group exercise studio and outdoor sports court.


By Lisa Lewis. Copyright 2012 WRE/Mercer Island.