Mercer Island’s Downtown neighborhood has come a long way from its muddy, stump-filled field roots.  Home to most of the island’s condo and apartment dwellers, Downtown is known for its stroll-ability.  On a sunny day, folks of all ages (often accompanied by a canine companion, or two) stroll up and down the neighborhood sidewalks, and walk on over to Mercerdale Park.

The island’s central business district is located in Downtown.  The businesses include restaurants, coffee shops, doctors’ offices, fitness studios featuring yoga and martial arts, a book store, interior design shops, hair salons, a fish market, grocery stores, pharmacy stores, the post office and real estate offices.

Mercerdale Park, on the south side of Downtown, is home to the following annual island festivities:  Spring Egg Hunt, Summer Celebration, Mostly Music in the Park, Outdoor Films, Day of Play and Holiday Tree Lighting.  The only skate park on the island is located at Mercerdale Park. Also, the popular Mercer Island Youth and Family Services Thrift Store is located right next to the southeast corner of the park.


By Lisa Lewis. Copyright 2012 WRE/Mercer Island.